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Mini Alarm Clocks

Mini Alarm Clocks

When you're travelling or on the road, more often than not you'll pack an alarm clock. But, most of us try to pack as compact as possible. Therefore, you need an alarm clock that is compact and sturdy, yet dependable. And, why shouldn't your alarm clock be fun enjoyable to look at as well?

Our unique selection of Mini Alarm Clocks has something for everyone. Choose from five distinct and different designs – all colorful and fully functional, including snooze features.

Feeling a little wild? Perhaps our Mini Animal Clocks are for you. If your choice is something a little funky, wake up to a Sunburst or Mod Dots Alarm Clock. Children may enjoy our Mini Cupcake Cutie Alarm Clock. And, the seasoned traveler is sure to appreciate our Mini NYC Taxi Alarm.

All our Mini Alarm Clocks are guaranteed to provide you with years of dependable and enjoyable timekeeping.

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