Wall Clocks

Wall Clocks

Anybody can hang a simple, everyday clock on the wall. But, it takes an individual with discerning taste to hang one of our unique and fun wall clocks.

Choose from two distinct designs, each created to provide you with exact timekeeping functions while not compromising on decoration and fun.

Our five Jumbo Talking Animal Alarm Clocks – owl, monkey, frog, raccoon and dog – are each designed with a colorful animal character and the alarm "talks" to you in that animal's language! The Jumbo Talking Animal Alarm Clocks can also stand on any flat surface.

Perhaps animals on the wall are not your cup of tea. You prefer something a little more down to earth such as…computer keys. Choose from one of four different keyboard keys – enter, home, control or escape. These colorful, 10" square clocks are easy to read and will brighten up any wall at home or in your office.

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