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Wild Sounds Alarm Clocks

Our days are filled with electronic sounds wherever we go. Wouldn't it be fun to start the day with sounds that are just a little different? A wide selection of unique and unusual alarm sounds is waiting to help you get going in the morning. If you like animals, you'll start your day with a big grin when one of our many Talking Animal Sounds Alarm Clocks helps you greet the morn. Choose from one of the many "talking" animals such as: dog, cat, frog, monkey, rooster, owl, cow, pig, and more. Or, perhaps, you are a city person.

Wake to the sounds of our New York taxi Alarm clock with horns honking and blaring. Maybe the buzz of a mosquito will get you out of bed. There is something for everyone with our Alarm Clocks.

Each clock comes individually packaged in a special gift box and is complete with batteries. Wild Sounds Alarm Clocks are great as gifts for family and friends or as a treat for you!

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