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Indoor/Outdoor Furniture

Indoor/Outdoor Furniture - Whimsical furniture pieces perfect for the garden or play room!

Children have special furniture for their bedrooms. Shouldn't your garden or playroom also be inviting for them?

Decorate your home and garden with our colorful and durable children-sized furniture. Your children (or grandchildren) will spend hours of fun-filled playtime that will stimulate their imagination as well as provide a safe environment.

Life is a fantasy filled world when sitting down for a snack at a toadstool table and chairs. Or, take time out to sit on a bunny and read a book by the light of a rainbow blossom tree. And, of course, there is no better place for playing a game or coloring a picture than at a daisy table.

Any season is the right season for these fantastic furnishings. Years from now, your children will tell their children, "When I was your age, I used to sit on a bunny next to a toadstool and…"

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