Pencil Sharpeners - great for school and terrific as party favors.

Pencil Sharpeners

Pencil Sharpeners 

What good is a dull pencil? You can't write or color with it. But, worse still, what good is a dull pencil sharpener?

Back to school time should be filled with smiles and color. Add some fun to your writing and coloring with these exciting and unique pencil sharpeners. Our clever and colorful assortment is sure to have something for everyone.

Do your children like animals? They will be delighted to allow a puppy, a ladybug, a goldfish, or a teddy with a backpack put a point on their pencils.  Lobsters make a fine delicacy; they also make terrific pencil sharpeners. Then again, perhaps you're in a rush to make those pencils sharp. Zoom ahead with our racing car sharpeners, or take a ride in a hot air balloon. And, you can imagine a photo finish win with our camera sharpeners. For those with a more practical side, try the combination sharpener and mini tape dispenser.

Some days your child simply does not feel like going to school. The no excuse thermometer sharpener will "diagnose" if they are sick, or are just interested in not being at school.

Fun and functional – our sharpeners are great for school and also make terrific party favors.

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