Wild Paperweights and Bookends

Paperweights and Bookends

Wild Paperweights and Bookends

Anyone can take two bricks and make bookends, or pick up a smooth rock to use as a paperweight. But, not just anyone will start the new school year with unique paperweights and bookends that are guaranteed to bring a smile to every face, every time.

Our original selection of carefully chosen Paperweights and Bookends are the answer to a boring desk or bedroom. In fact, even teachers will probably enjoy one of our unique weighted wonders for their desk. Choose from a veritable zoo of animal bookends including penguins, pandas, horses, frogs and more. Or, perhaps, a bright striped ball or pair of hands is more appealing to your taste. Be sure that no papers blow away by placing one of our clever paperweights on top. Leave the "weighty" job to a frog, a swan, a penguin, or one of our other heavyweights.

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