Gadgets & Accessories

Gadget Accessories

Today is the perfect day to do something different and have a little fun. Treat yourself or a friend to one of our Fun & Functional Gadget Accessories. These little items are fun to look at but also come in very handy, often when you least expect you'll need it.

Remember the last time you needed a flashlight to find something in the dark? Now you can always have a light handy with the Dynamo Rechargeable Animal Flashlights. The cute pig, frog and cow simply need a little squeeze to emit two strong LED light beams. Best of all, no battery is required and they can be recharged up to 500 times!

Why carry a regular key ring in your pocket when you can be carrying the Handi Key Ring Screwdriver. Simply uncap the pointed finger to reveal a very handy screwdriver, with interchangeable Regular and Phillips Heads. And, if this is not useful enough, you must have the ideal useful bug - the Magnetic Ladybug Deskmate. This bug is not just cute; it is also a magnet, a picture holder, a pencil sharpener, and a calculator.

Check out the complete selection of gadget accessories. You'll want one of each!