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Learning & Activity

As parents, all too often we forget that education begins at an early age. But, we also forget that playtime can also serve as learning time. Why not combine the fun of playing with the benefits of learning for a true win-win situation? Young children's senses need stimulation in order to develop properly. Colors, especially vibrant, enable young minds to view the world from various different perspectives. Colors inspire imagination and creativity. The A-Z Animal Place Mat Coloring Pad can make transform mealtime into fun time. This set of 26 sheets is a perfect way to teach your child about animals and letters, and will provide fun as well as education, whether during meals, snacks, or simply activity time. Music stimulates various senses from the youngest years. Listening to different notes, and learning to associate musical tones with various activities, events or even moods, is an important sensory development for later years. The Musical Hand bells Set is ideal for teaching and identifying sounds and tones, while the Come & Get It Bell is the useful as well as fun!